ACC-Rijksakademie Dialogue and Exchange 2018-2019 2018-05-02

ACC-Rijksakademie Dialogue and Exchange 2018-2019


Deadline Extended till May 13, 2018

Duration of program

Divided into two three-month-long sessions, one based in Gwangju and the other in Amsterdam, this program will start on August 15, 2018. till November 15, 2018 in Gwangju, and then from March 1 till May 31, 2019 or from Aug 1 to Oct 31, 2019 in Amsterdam.

Application information

Application is open to upcoming Asia based artists with a few years of professional experience after their education.

If you would like to be considered as a participant please review the stipulations listed below before completing and submitting the application form (.pdf, .docx) via email to and with the subject heading ‘ACC-Rijksakademie Dialogue and Exchange 2018-2019_name_ Application’by May 13, 2018.

An application consists of completed the application form, documentation of work and CV, and all correspondence relating to the application is in English.

The selection of participants will be made in May by a committee of 3 Rijksakademie advisors and 3 ACC advisors.

A number of candidates are invited for an online interview via Skype in May 24, 2018. (tentative)

Eight artists in total will take part:four Asian artists selected through this open call, two Rijksakademie artists and two Rijksakademie alumni who have left the Rijksakademie in the past 5 years.

Program Conditions/Benefits

In Gwangju participants can expect:

•Round trip airfare (economy) to Gwangju


•Work space

•Stipend and work budget (KRW1,500,000 per month during the first session in Gwangju / tax included)

•Access to facilities and information of the ACC

•Studio visits and curatorial support through one-to-one meetings, art field trips

In Amsterdam participants can expect:

- Round trip airfare (economy) to Amsterdam

- Studio

- Stipend, accommodation and work budget of EUR 3,425 in total during the second session in Amsterdam / tax included)

- Access to facilities (technical workshops) and information of Rijksakademie

- Studio visits and support through one-to-one meetings with advisors

Participant requirements are:

•Emerging artists with some independent professional experience.

•To be able and willing to communicate in English throughout the program

•To be able to show demonstrable interest in research based practices as well as engaging with others during research processes

The selection process will consist of:

•Preliminary selection on application documents

•Subsequent selection based on interview and jury evaluations

In Gwangju participants must present:

•The report of art practices in residency within 1 month after the end of residency in Gwangju.
장소 도도부현   Gwangju 회장TEL  
회장이름  ACC
기간 2018-04-25 ~ 2018-05-13
주최자  ACC 주최자TEL  062-601-4522
대표자   FAX번호  
메일주소 담당자  Lucia Kwon

분류 제목 장소 기간
ソウルのデザインスタジオ ORDINARY PEOP... 東京... 2019.1.28~2.10
Radical Observers 東京都 2018.12.8~1.14
韓国の手仕事 ポジャギ-絹と麻 素材の美 京... 2018.11.29~12.2
第6回日中韓児童友好絵画展 東京都 2018.11.4~11.7
ヒロシマー平和への門は隣人愛によってー藤本巧 写真展... 東京都 2018.10.22~10.28
MOTサテライト 2018秋 東京都 2018.10.20~11.18
2019京畿世界陶磁ビエンナーレKOREA 国際公募... Gyeo... 2018.10.1~10.31
アートアイランズTOKYO2018 第8回国際現代美... 東京都 2018.9.28~10.16
黄金町バザール2018 神奈川県 2018.9.21~10.28
白磁 東京都 2018.9.11~11.23
<コギリの七人>Atelier Play Toget... 滋... 2018.8.7~8.19
第4回高校生国際交流写真フェスティバル ... 2018.8.3~8.8
ハングル書道・韓国伝統文化展 千葉県千... 2018.7.31~8.5
第35回記念産経国際書展 東京都 2018.7.27~8.3
UBE ビエンナーレ(現代日本彫刻展)出品作品募集 山口県宇部... 2018.7.19~8.31
那須野が原国際芸術シンポジウムin大田原2018 栃木県大... 2018.7.15~8.15
PIECE OF PEACE「レゴ®ブロック」で作っ... ... 2018.7.13~9.2
第33回21世紀国際書展 神奈川県 2018.7.11~7.15
韓日国交正常化53周年記念特別展「薩摩焼420年 沈... 2018.6.23~7.2
第44回国際美術大賞展 東京都 2018.6.14~6.21

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